The Fuelex portfolio is under the name of the client, who remains the sole owner, and the only one to dispose of its own capital.


Investors are seamlessly able to navigate our website, and purchase investment products that suits there goals.


With good track records, Fuelex is the trusted partner for institutional and individual investors interested in investing in the financial market and growing the digital economy.


We have expert advisors and portfolio managers, Fuelex Capital is a digital-native company and has unique, early insight into innovations with growth potentials in the digital economy.

Time tested investment methods

Our team of independent financial advisors will work with you to build financial plans that enable you to achieve your short, medium and long term financial goals.

Corporate Governance

We believe that good corporate governance provides the foundation for high-performing organizations, and by embedding good practices, we’ll preserve and strengthen stakeholders confidence and long term value.

Future-proof your portfolio

Investors are searching for opportunities to future-proof their portfolios by investing in the digital economy and the companies, ideas, and technologies that underpin it.

Your performance,
Our Priority

To turn todays reality into tomorrows returns, you need a partner who puts you first- with an immersive understanding of you, your goals, your potential. When you invest with us, your success is our passion. Our knowledge, your knowledge. An enduring partnership, upheld by deep responsibility. We continually bring you insights no one else can and convert them into compelling opportunities- that we tailor to your needs. And then we do it again and again, cultivating a long-term partnership based on conviction, sustainable outcomes, and shared success over time.

Own Your Future

Fuelex Capital analysts have carefully studied the financial outline and demands on Blockchain Technology and asset management as it exists in the world today as well as all the approaches to estimating costs in perfecting this economic category.

Subsequently a new banking system was offered to the world which combines all the progress and best achievements of the global economists and technologists in the fields of digital and electronic currency. From buying your own apartment to travelling the world on a passive income, whatever your goal is - we want to help you get there.

Our Approach

We help sovereign institutions navigate shifting dynamics that impact both their existing asset allocations and long-term investment strategies. Our global network and longstanding relationships allow us to identify relevant market trends and provide thoughtful, timely and innovative solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe artificial intelligence operating systems will transform investment operations and foster ultra-fast processing of funds, as did the internet.


Blockchain Technology

With blockchain technology, we believe that more of everything in the world we become money fungible, liquid and quantified.


Added Value

We allow customers to take the reins of their money management and make better financial decisions.

Powering change

At Fuelex we believe in the power of Investing to create more choice and more performance possibility for our clients. And more positive impact for society and our planet. That’s why we use our worldwide investment expertise and resources to seek out the best investment opportunities globally. And ensure that many of the assets we hold can deliver real social and environmental benefits.

Thinking ahead

The future is never certain. We look to help clients navigate whatever’s ahead and transform a world of constant change into a universe of investment potential. Through multi-layered research, insights and analysis we access the future of markets, industries and companies and identify change. This helps us determine where to invest and how and where we need to innovate to better serve our clients.

Connecting perspectives

Today, there is no single source of the truth. So we embrace the diversity of investment thought, experience, skills and technology to strive for the best investment ideas and the best client outcomes. As global teams, we pool our collective insights, while breaking down internal boundaries between regions, asset classes and specialisms to leverage deep local insight and create deep connectivity to deliver the solutions and support to help every client achieve more every day.

Loyal Clients

Our client base remains invested with high retention due to our network of unique investment products, ongoing educational tools, and technology infrastructure. Our separately-managed account (SMA) platform is not reliant on any single investor. As a result, our AUM on Fuelex Capital can remain well-distributed with less concentration risk.

Grow Your Assets with Retail Investors

We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in terms of retail's role in a historically institutionally-dominated investment landscape. With Fuelex capital, you can access the retail market, effortlessly Retail capital is sticky, distributed, and growing fast. Retail investors now have access to more financial information, investment education, and trading tools than ever before.

The Craft of Relationship Banking

Our relationship promise to all our customers is that you will deal directly with the decision-maker. We won’t just look at your credit scores, assets or security. Our experienced relationship bankers have the expertise to see and understand your business’s opportunities and potential. We will tailor judgement-based lending decisions to support, build and grow your business.

Growth Potential

Imagine seeing your firm's AUM base grow week over week as opposed to being limited to finite fundraising windows. “Continuous fundraising investment deposit can unlock your AUM growth potential.We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on investment management and withdraw your profits. We have partnered with over 130 advisers in the United States, who are all registered investment advisers, by FINRA/SEC and are registered broker-dealers. Giving us the flexibility to partner in a variety of forms. Whether you’re an existing crypto holder or asset manager, we can get your investment operation up and running. Whether you're an existing crypto holder or asset manager, we can get your investment operation up and running.

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Join us for a greener future

As a more sustainable wealth manager, we have boldly integrated Net Zero and tackled climate change. Our company recognizes the urgency of the global climate crisis and has committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We’re working towards a one-third reduction target in our carbon emissions by 2030 and committing to offset our emissions annually.